Carpets are elegant, beautiful and functional, but the first two will only apply if you insist on having your carpeted floors and/or walls cleaned regularly. And, by that, we mean getting the pros to do it for you.

Sure, it’s expensive and you probably think that you can do as good of a job as they can, especially since there are available high-powered vacuums + washers for rent in your local hardware store. The latter, though, isn’t exactly true.

The truth is, getting your carpets cleaned regularly by professionals is still a better idea than doing it yourself.

Here are a couple of reasons why that is so:

1.       It helps prolong the life of carpeting. The extraction method, for one, has gained quite the reputation in recent years for being one of the most effective ways to clean and increase the life of carpets significantly.


2.       It helps improve air quality inside your home. Carpets are notorious for trapping all sorts of airborne pollutants. By having such pollutants removed, your carpets aren’t just protected, but your overall health as well as the quality of air indoors is improved.


3.       It helps make your carpets easier to maintain. Regular vacuums may be powerless against deeply seated pollutants and contaminants, but they make short work of dry soil. For those that don’t know, most carpet soiling is made up of dry soil and once the carpet cleaners have taken care of all those deeply seated pollutants, it’s going to be a lot easier to maintain your carpets using a regular vacuum.


4.       It helps remove spots and stains. While you can take care of such spots and stains on your own, it’s not going to be easy. So, why not hire a pro to do it for you? Doing so helps save time and effort, as well as the added cost of going to your chiropractor.


5.       It helps make life easier for those with respiratory problems. If you have asthma or live with people who do, you’d be doing yourself and/or them a huge favor if you get your carpets cleaned regularly of allergens and bacteria by professional cleaners.


6.       It helps improve your home’s appearance. It’s no secret that the main reason people go for carpeted floors and walls is that they look beautiful and elegant. You can help keep it that way for many years by getting a professional to clean and maintain it for you.


7.       It helps save you both time and money in the long run. Carpets are built to last for years and even decades at a time. Unfortunately, that will only happen if the carpets are properly cleaned and maintained by a professional. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you not only save time, but also money in the long run.


8.       It helps maintain the carpet’s warranty. Carpet manufacturers these days require that the carpets be cleaned using the extraction method every 12 to 18 months. And no, you can’t lie to them because they’ll usually ask for proof and that’s usually something that only a professional carpet cleaning service can provide.


9.       It’s an investment. Your whole house is an investment and anything you do to maintain, as well as protect that investment of yours is an investment as well. Professional carpet cleaners are such an investment and a good one at that.

Remember, hiring professional carpet cleaners crawley is an investment. Even if your carpet is no longer covered by its manufacturer’s warranty, it’s still a good idea to avoid trying to DIY and continue to hire contractors for the job.

To put it simply, hiring licensed carpet cleaning contractors regularly is the best way for you to enjoy your carpets for years and even decades to come!